2014.03.22. Dalrymple-Hamilton, Breaking Through the Massoretic Barrier

Francis A. Dalrymple-Hamilton, Breaking Through the Massoretic Barrier: A Re-consideration of the Old Greek Text of Job 24:13–20; 26:4–14; 28:13–22 and 30:25–31:8
Reviewed by Claude Cox

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  1. Dr Alexander Franks07 April, 2014

    Having read the book and the review I find the review to be somewhat biased and not at all helpful to understanding the argument that is expertly presented in the book. As far as I myself am concerned I find that this work (the Book) actually advances our knowledge of the Vorlage of the Septuagint translator in a way that no other contemporary book does. I hope that this author will go on to publish more of his findings in due course


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