2023.08.16. Tedder, Children of Laughter and the Re-creation of Humanity

Samuel J. Tedder, Children of Laughter and the Re-creation of Humanity: The Theological Vision and Logic of Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
Andrew King

2023.08.15. Rousseau and Janet A. Timbie, The Christian Moses

Philip Rousseau and Janet A. Timbie, eds., The Christian Moses: From Philo to the Qur’ān
Richard A. Zaleski

2023.08.14. Mazurek, Isis in a Global Empire

Lindsey A. Mazurek, Isis in a Global Empire: Greek Identity through Egyptian Religion in Roman Greece
Daniel Charles Smith

2023.08.13. Hluan, “Silence” in Translation

Anna Sui Hluan, “Silence” in Translation: 1 Corinthians 14:34–35 in Myanmar and the Development of a Critical Contextual Hermeneutic
Arminta Fox

2023.08.12. Emanuel, An Intertextual Commentary to the Psalter

David Emanuel, An Intertextual Commentary to the Psalter: Juxtaposition and Allusion in Book I
W. Dennis Tucker Jr.

2023.08.11. Elliott, Creation and Literary Re-creation

Paul M. C. Elliott, Creation and Literary Re-creation: Ambrose’s Use of Philo in the Hexaemeral Letters
Alexander H. Pierce

2023.08.10. Dietrich, Historiographie und Erzählkunst in den Samuelbüchern

Walter Dietrich, Historiographie und Erzählkunst in den Samuelbüchern: Studien zu den Geschichtsüberlieferungen des Alten Testaments III
Mark W. Hamilton

2023.08.09. Beck, Justice and Mercy in the Apocalypse of Peter

Eric J. Beck, Justice and Mercy in the Apocalypse of Peter: A New Translation and Analysis of the Purpose of the Text
David J. Downs