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Michael Rydryck and Stefan Alkier, eds., Paulus – Das Kapital eines Reisenden: Die Apostelgeschichte als sozialhistoriche Quelle
Reviewed by Lars Kierspel

2020.04.41. Rothschild, New Essays on the Apostolic Fathers

Clare K. Rothschild, New Essays on the Apostolic Fathers
Reviewed by Judith M. Lieu

2020.04.40. Morgan, The Oxford Handbook of the Writings of the Hebrew Bible

Donn F. Morgan, The Oxford Handbook of the Writings of the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by David Rothstein

2020.04.39. Lewis, Viktor Frankl and the Book of Job

Marshall H. Lewis, Viktor Frankl and the Book of Job: A Search for Meaning
Reviewed by Seong Whan Timothy Hyun

2020.04.38. Kogon and Fontanille, The Coinage of Herod Antipas

Aaron J. Kogon and Jean-Philippe Fontanille, The Coinage of Herod Antipas: A Study and Die Classification of the Earliest Coins of Galilee
Reviewed by David M. May

2020.04.37. Kobel, Paulus als interkultureller Vermittler

Esther Kobel, Paulus als interkultureller Vermittler: Eine Studie zur kulturellen Positionierung des Apostels der Völker
Reviewed by Robert L. Brawley

2020.04.36. Kang, Reading the Wife/Sister Narratives in Genesis

Hwagu Kang, Reading the Wife/Sister Narratives in Genesis: A Textlinguistic and Type-Scene Analysis
Reviewed by Koowon Kim

2020.04.35. Charlesworth, Has Psalm 156 Been Found?

James H. Charlesworth, Has Psalm 156 Been Found? With Images of MS RNL Antonin 798
Reviewed by Felix Albrecht

2020.04.34. Thompson and Longenecker, Philippians and Philemon

James W. Thompson and Bruce W. Longenecker, Philippians and Philemon
Reviewed by Akio Ito

2020.04.33. Streett, Caesar and the Sacrament

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James Carleton Paget and Judith Lieu, eds., Christianity in the Second Century: Themes and Developments
Reviewed by David L. Eastman

2020.04.30. Meynet, Le Psautier

Roland Meynet, Le Psautier: Cinquième Livre (Ps 107–150)
Reviewed by Peter C. W. Ho

2020.04.29. Matthew, The Johannine Footwashing as the Sign of Perfect Love

Bincy Matthew, The Johannine Footwashing as the Sign of Perfect Love: An Exegetical Study of John 13:1–20
Reviewed by Steven M. Bryan

2020.04.28. Connolly, Disorderly Women and the Order of God

Michelle A. Connolly, Disorderly Women and the Order of God: An Australian Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Mark
Reviewed by Vicky Balabanski

2020.04.27. Bray and Hobbins, Genesis 1–11

Samuel L. Bray and John F. Hobbins, Genesis 1–11: A New Old Translation for Readers, Scholars, and Translators
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2020.04.25. Bodner, The Theology of the Book of Kings

Keith Bodner, The Theology of the Book of Kings
Reviewed by Richard S. Hess

2020.04.24. Baden, The Book of Exodus

Joel S. Baden, The Book of Exodus: A Biography
Reviewed by William Johnstone

2020.04.23. Austin, Plant Metaphors in the Old Greek of Isaiah

Benjamin M. Austin, Plant Metaphors in the Old Greek of Isaiah
Reviewed by Matthew Albanese

2020.04.22. VanderKam, Jubilees

James C. VanderKam, Jubilees: A Commentary on the Book of Jubilees
Reviewed by James Kugel

2020.04.21. Vallançon, Le développement des traditions sur Élie et l’histoire de la formation de la Bible

Henri Vallançon, Le développement des traditions sur Élie et l’histoire de la formation de la Bible
Reviewed by André Lemaire

2020.04.20. Radde-Gallwitz, Gregory of Nyssa’s Doctrinal Works

Andrew Radde-Gallwitz, Gregory of Nyssa’s Doctrinal Works: A Literary Study
Reviewed by Andrew J. Summerson

2020.04.19. Portier-Young and Sterling, Scripture and Social Justice

Anathea Portier-Young and Gregory E. Sterling, eds., Scripture and Social Justice: Catholic and Ecumenical Essays
Reviewed by Ximena DeBroeck

2020.04.18. Magnum and Estes, Literary Approaches to the Bible

Douglas Magnum and Douglas Estes, eds., Literary Approaches to the Bible
Reviewed by Peter C. W. Ho

2020.04.17. Kamionkowski, Leviticus

S. Tamar Kamionkowski, Leviticus
Reviewed by Sarah Shectman

2020.04.16. Hoffman, The Good Figs

Yair Hoffman, The Good Figs: The Jehoyachin Exile and Its Heritage [Hebrew]
Reviewed by David A. Glatt-Gilad

2020.04.15. Hjälm, Senses of Scripture, Treasures of Tradition

Miriam Lindgren Hjälm, ed., Senses of Scripture, Treasures of Tradition: The Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Morrow

2020.04.14. Greenspahn, Early Judaism

Frederick E. Greenspahn, ed., Early Judaism: New Insights and Scholarship
Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz

2020.04.13. Frey, Theology and History in the Fourth Gospel

Jörg Frey, Theology and History in the Fourth Gospel: Tradition and Narration
Reviewed by Jo-Ann Brant

2020.04.12. Dryden, A Hermeneutic of Wisdom

J. de Waal Dryden, A Hermeneutic of Wisdom: Recovering the Formative Agency of Scripture
Reviewed by Robert L. Foster

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James W. Barker, Anthony Le Donne, and Joel N. Lohr, eds., Found in Translation: Essays on Biblical Translation in Honor of Leonard J. Greenspoon
Reviewed by Sarah Cook

2020.04.10. Weidner, Das Ende Deuterojesajas

Alexander Weidner, Das Ende Deuterojesajas: Eine literarkritische und redaktiongeschichtliche Studie zur Entstehung von Jes 40–66
Reviewed by Marvin A. Sweeney

2020.04.09. Walton and Walton, The Lost World of the Torah

John H. Walton and J. Harvey Walton, The Lost World of the Torah: Law as Covenant and Wisdom in Ancient Context
Reviewed by William S. Morrow

2020.04.08. Mininger, Uncovering the Theme of Revelation in Romans 1:16–3:26

Marcus A. Mininger, Uncovering the Theme of Revelation in Romans 1:16–3:26: Discovering a New Approach to Paul’s Argument
Reviewed by David Neville

2020.04.07. McKnight and Mamula, Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul

Scot McKnight and Greg Mamula, eds., Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul
Reviewed by Adam White

2020.04.06. Leese, Christ, Creation, and the Cosmological Redemption

J. J. Johnson Leese, Christ, Creation, and the Cosmological Redemption: A Study of Pauline Creation Theology as Read by Irenaeus and Applied to Ecotheology
Reviewed by S. Aaron Son

2020.04.05. Friis, Image and Imitation

Martin Friis, Image and Imitation: Josephus’ Antiquities 1–11 and Greco-Roman Historiography
Reviewed by Jan Willem van Henten

2020.04.04. El-Badawi, The Qur’ān and the Aramaic Gospel Traditions

Emran Iqbal El-Badawi, The Qur’ān and the Aramaic Gospel Traditions
Reviewed by Abdulla Galadari

2020.04.03. Docherty, The Jewish Pseudepigrapha

Susan Docherty, The Jewish Pseudepigrapha: An Introduction to the Literature of the Second Temple Period
Reviewed by Olivia Stewart Lester

2020.04.02. Damm, Religions and Education in Antiquity

Alex Damm, ed., Religions and Education in Antiquity: Studies in Honour of Michel Desjardins
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2020.04.01. Clamer, Prag, and Humbert, Colegio del Pilar

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Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz