2021.03.20. Yahalom, Sources of the Sacred Song

Joseph Yahalom, Sources of the Sacred Song: Crossroads in Jewish Liturgical Poetry [Hebrew]
Reviewed by Michael D. Swartz

2021.03.19. Setzer and Shefferman, The Bible in the American Experience

Claudia Setzer and David A. Shefferman, eds., The Bible in the American Experience
Reviewed by Stu Halpern

2021.03.18. Roubekas, Theorizing “Religion” in Antiquity

Nickolas P. Roubekas, ed., Theorizing “Religion” in Antiquity
Reviewed by Andrew Durdin

2021.03.17. Penner, The Lexham English Septuagint

Ken M. Penner, ed., The Lexham English Septuagint: A New Translation
Reviewed by Marieke Dhont

2021.03.16. Macaskill, Living in Union with Christ

Grant Macaskill, Living in Union with Christ: Paul’s Gospel and Christian Moral Identity
Reviewed by Robert L. Foster

2021.03.15. Lockett, Letters from the Pillar Apostles

Darian R. Lockett, Letters from the Pillar Apostles: The Formation of the Catholic Epistles as a Canonical Collection
Reviewed by Martin C. Albl

2021.03.14. Levison, A Boundless God

Jack Levison, A Boundless God: The Spirit according to the Old Testament
Reviewed by Christopher J. H. Wright

2021.03.13. Frevel, Desert Transformations

Christian Frevel, Desert Transformations: Studies in the Book of Numbers
Reviewed by Josef Forsling

2021.03.12. Charlesworth, Early Christian Gospels

Scott D. Charlesworth, Early Christian Gospels: Their Production and Transmission
Reviewed by Danny Yencich

2021.03.11. Allen, Collier, and Stauder, Coping with Obscurity

James P. Allen, Mark A. Collier, and Andreas Stauder, eds., Coping with Obscurity: The Brown Workshop on Earlier Egyptian Grammar
Reviewed by Julia Clare Francis Hamilton

2021.03.10. Schaper, Media and Monotheism

Joachim Schaper, Media and Monotheism: Presence, Representation, and Abstraction in Ancient Judea
Reviewed by Matthew Lynch

2021.03.09. Rosenblum, Rabbinic Drinking

Jordan D. Rosenblum, Rabbinic Drinking: What Beverages Teach Us about Rabbinic Literature
Reviewed by Claudia D. Bergmann

2021.03.08. Parry, Exploring the Isaiah Scrolls and Their Textual Variants

Donald W. Parry, Exploring the Isaiah Scrolls and Their Textual Variants
Reviewed by Jacob Stromberg

2021.03.07. Niehaus, When Did Eve Sin?

Jeffrey J. Niehaus, When Did Eve Sin? The Fall and Biblical Historiography
Reviewed by Mark A. O’Brien

2021.03.06. Lee, Moral Transformation in Greco-Roman Philosophy of Mind

Max J. Lee, Moral Transformation in Greco-Roman Philosophy of Mind: Mapping the Moral Milieu of the Apostle Paul and His Diaspora Jewish Contemporaries
Reviewed by Timothy A. Brookins

2021.03.05. Greenstein, Job: A New Translation

Edward L. Greenstein, Job: A New Translation
Reviewed by James L. Crenshaw

2021.03.04. Crowe, The Hope of Israel

Brandon D. Crowe, The Hope of Israel: The Resurrection of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles
Reviewed by David M. Allen

2021.03.03. Casson, Textual Signposts in the Argument of Romans

Sarah H. Casson, Textual Signposts in the Argument of Romans: A Relevance-Theory Approach
Reviewed by David J. Neville

2021.03.02. Binns, The T&T Clark History of Monasticism

John Binns, The T&T Clark History of Monasticism: The Eastern Tradition
Reviewed by Robert A. Kitchen

2021.03.01. Allen and Smith, Methodology in the Use of the Old Testament in the New

David Allen and Steve Smith, eds., Methodology in the Use of the Old Testament in the New: Context and Criteria
Reviewed by Maria Brutti