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Steve Smith, The Fate of the Jerusalem Temple in Luke-Acts: An Intertextual Approach to Jesus’ Laments over Jerusalem and Stephen’s Speech
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Stephen C. Russell, The King and the Land: A Geography of Royal Power in the Biblical World
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Joseph Poon, The Identities of the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Land in Revelation 13
Reviewed by Martin Karrer

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Reviewed by Victor H. Matthews

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Eve-Marie Becker, The Birth of Christian History: Memory and Time from Mark to Luke-Acts
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Michael E. Stone, Armenian Apocrypha Relating to Angels and Biblical Heroes
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2018.07.08. Spiering-Schomborg, “Man kann sich nicht entscheiden, als was man geboren wird”

Nele Spiering-Schomborg, “Man kann sich nicht entscheiden, als was man geboren wird”: Exodus 1 im Horizont von Intersektionalität und empirischer Bibeldidaktik
Reviewed by Gottfried Adam

2018.07.07. Moss, Proverbs

Alan Moss, Proverbs
Reviewed by Bernd U. Schipper

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Reviewed by Héctor Martín

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Dylan M. Burns, Apocalypse of the Alien God: Platonism and the Exile of Sethian Gnosticism
Reviewed by Glen Fairen

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Reviewed by Juan Hernández Jr.