2016.12.72. Zager, Jesusforschung in vier Jahrhunderten

Werner Zager, Jesusforschung in vier Jahrhunderten: Texte von den Anfängen historischer Kritik bis zur “dritten Frage” nach dem historischen Jesus
Reviewed by Stephan Witetschek

2016.12.71. Smith, Into the World of the New Testament

Daniel Lynwood Smith, Into the World of the New Testament: Greco-Roman and Jewish Texts and Contexts
Reviewed by Troy M. Troftgruben

2016.12.70. Shillington, An Introduction to the Study of Luke-Acts

V. George Shillington, An Introduction to the Study of Luke-Acts
Reviewed by James M. Morgan

2016.12.69. Schipper, Ruth

Jeremy Schipper, Ruth: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Reviewed by George Savran

2016.12.68. Reinhartz, Caiaphas the High Priest

Adele Reinhartz, Caiaphas the High Priest
Reviewed by Arie W. Zwiep

2016.12.67. Perdue and Carter, Israel and Empire

Leo G. Perdue and Warren Carter; Coleman A. Baker, ed., Israel and Empire: A Postcolonial History of Israel and Early Judaism
Reviewed by Steed Vernyl Davidson

2016.12.66. Parry and Tov, The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader

Donald W. Parry and Emanuel Tov, The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Reviewed by Peter Porzig

2016.12.65. Oeming and Schmid, Job’s Journey

Manfred Oeming and Konrad Schmid, Job’s Journey: Stations of Suffering
Reviewed by Katharine Dell

2016.12.64. Myers and Schuchard, Abiding Words

Alicia D. Myers and Bruce G. Schuchard, eds., Abiding Words: The Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John
Reviewed by Inhee C. Berg

2016.12.63. Litfin, Paul’s Theology of Preaching

Duane Litfin, Paul’s Theology of Preaching: The Apostle’s Challenge to the Art of Persuasion in Ancient Corinth
Reviewed by James W. Thompson

2016.12.62. Kalmin, Migrating Tales

Richard Kalmin, Migrating Tales: The Talmud’s Narratives and Their Historical Context
Reviewed by Rivka Ulmer

2016.12.61. Hylen, A Modest Apostle

Susan E. Hylen, A Modest Apostle: Thecla and the History of Women in the Early Church
Reviewed by Kate Wilkinson

2016.12.60. deClaissé-Walford, The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms

Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford, ed., The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms: The Current State of Scholarship
Reviewed by John E. Anderson

2016.12.59. Burke, Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier

Tony Burke, ed., Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier: The Christian Apocrypha from North American Perspectives: Proceedings from the 2013 York University Christian Apocrypha Symposium
Reviewed by Julia Snyder

2016.12.57. Zucker and Reiss, The Matriarchs of Genesis

David J. Zucker and Moshe Reiss, The Matriarchs of Genesis: Seven Women, Five Views
Reviewed by Robin Gallaher Branch

2016.12.56. White, Where Is the Wise Man?

Adam White, Where Is the Wise Man? Graeco-Roman Education as a Background to the Divisions in 1 Corinthians 1–4
Reviewed by Bart J. Koet
Reviewed by H. H. Drake Williams III

2016.12.55. Walsh and Twomey, Borges and the Bible

Richard Walsh and Jay Twomey, eds., Borges and the Bible
Reviewed by Michelle Fletcher

2016.12.54. Utzschneider and Oswald, Exodus 1–15

Helmut Utzschneider and Wolfgang Oswald, Exodus 1–15
Reviewed by Danny Mathews

2016.12.53. Tuell, Reading Nahum–Malachi

Steven Tuell, Reading Nahum–Malachi: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Reviewed by Michael H. Floyd

2016.12.52. Thiessen and Seubert, Die Königsherrschaft Jahwes

Jacob Thiessen and Harald Seubert, eds., Die Königsherrschaft Jahwes: Festschrift zur Emeritierung von Herbert H. Klement
Reviewed by Mark W. Hamilton

2016.12.51. Schweitzer and Uhlenbruch, Worlds That Could Not Be

Steven J. Schweitzer and Frauke Uhlenbruch, eds., Worlds That Could Not Be: Utopia in Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah
Reviewed by Sean Burt

2016.12.50. Patterson, Keeping the Feast

Jane Lancaster Patterson, Keeping the Feast: Metaphors of Sacrifice in 1 Corinthians and Philippians
Reviewed by Timothy A. Brookins

2016.12.49. Nitsche, “Und das Königtum war fest in der Hand Salomos”

Martin Nitsche, “Und das Königtum war fest in der Hand Salomos”: Untersuchungen zu 1 Kön 3
Reviewed by Herbert H. Klement

2016.12.48. Lester, Daniel Evokes Isaiah

G. Brooke Lester, Daniel Evokes Isaiah: Allusive Characterization of Foreign Rule in the Hebrew-Aramaic Book of Daniel
Reviewed by Nathan Mastnjak
Reviewed by Ian Young

2016.12.47. Lee, Hannevi’ah and Hannah

Nancy C. Lee, Hannevi’ah and Hannah: Hearing Women Biblical Prophets in a Women’s Lyrical Tradition
Reviewed by Claude F. Mariottini

2016.12.46. de Lange, Japheth in the Tents of Shem

Nicholas de Lange, Japheth in the Tents of Shem: Greek Bible Translations in Byzantine Judaism
Reviewed by Robert J. Littman

2016.12.45. Körtner, Arbeit am Kanon

Ulrich H. J. Körtner, Arbeit am Kanon: Studien zur Bibelhermeneutik
Reviewed by Mark W. Elliott

2016.12.44. Gordley, Teaching through Song in Antiquity

Matthew E. Gordley, Teaching through Song in Antiquity: Didactic Hymnody among Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians
Reviewed by Steven Thompson

2016.12.43. Fee, The First Epistle to the Corinthians

Gordon D. Fee, The First Epistle to the Corinthians: Revised Edition
Reviewed by Craig A. Evans

2016.12.42. Fairchild, Christian Origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor

Mark R. Fairchild, Christian Origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor
Reviewed by Susana de Sola Funsten

2016.12.41. Bodner, After the Invasion

Keith Bodner, After the Invasion: A Reading of Jeremiah 40–44
Reviewed by Marvin A. Sweeney

2016.12.40. Beaulieu, “Behold! My Servant”

Stephane A. Beaulieu, “Behold! My Servant”: An Exegetical and Theological Study of the Identity and Role of the Servant in Isaiah 42:1-9
Reviewed by Steven Bishop

2016.12.39. Payne, A State of Mixture

Richard E. Payne, A State of Mixture: Christians, Zoroastrians, and Iranian Political Culture in Late Antiquity
Reviewed by Jennifer Hart

2016.12.38. Newkirk, Just Deceivers

Matthew Newkirk, Just Deceivers: An Exploration of the Motif of Deception in the Books of Samuel
Reviewed by Juan Miguel Betancourt

2016.12.37. Landy, Trevaskis, and Bibb, Text, Time, and Temple

Francis Landy, Leigh Trevaskis, and Bryan Bibb, eds., Text, Time, and Temple: Literary, Historical and Ritual Studies in Leviticus
Reviewed by Samuel L. Boyd

2016.12.36. Jacobi, Jesusüberlieferung bei Paulus?

Christine Jacobi, Jesusüberlieferung bei Paulus? Analogien zwischen den echten Paulusbriefen und den synoptischen Evangelien
Reviewed by Kari Syreeni

2016.12.35. Han, Swimming in the Sea of Scripture

Paul Han, Swimming in the Sea of Scripture: Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in 2 Corinthians 4:7–13:13
Reviewed by Seth M. Ehorn

2016.12.34. Brueggemann, The Role of Old Testament Theology in Old Testament Interpretation

Walter Brueggemann; K. C. Hanson, ed., The Role of Old Testament Theology in Old Testament Interpretation: And Other Essays
Reviewed by Ben C. Ollenburger

2016.12.33. Borgen, The Gospel of John

Peder Borgen, The Gospel of John: More Light from Philo, Paul and Archaeology: The Scriptures, Tradition, Exposition, Settings, Meaning
Reviewed by Harold W. Attridge

2016.12.32. Boda, ‘Return To Me’

Mark J. Boda, ‘Return To Me’: A Biblical Theology of Repentance
Reviewed by Josh Mathews

2016.12.31. Bazzana, Kingdom of Bureaucracy

Giovanni B. Bazzana, Kingdom of Bureaucracy: The Political Theology of Village Scribes in the Sayings Gospel Q
Reviewed by Sarah E. Rollens

2016.12.30. Afoakwah, The Nathan-David Confrontation (2 Sam 12:1–15a)

James Donkor Afoakwah, The Nathan-David Confrontation (2 Sam 12:1–15a): A Slap in the Face of the Deuteronomistic Hero?
Reviewed by George G. Nicol

2016.12.29. Wischmeyer, Liebe als Agape

Oda Wischmeyer, Liebe als Agape: Das frühchristliche Konzept und der moderne Diskurs
Reviewed by by Athanasios Despotis

2016.12.28. Vena, Jesus, Disciple of the Kingdom

Osvaldo D. Vena, Jesus, Disciple of the Kingdom: Mark’s Christology for a Community in Crisis
Reviewed by by John W. Fadden

2016.12.27. Ryu, Knowledge of God in Philo of Alexandria

Jang Ryu, Knowledge of God in Philo of Alexandria
Reviewed by by Gregory E. Sterling

2016.12.26. Petrany, Pedagogy, Prayer and Praise

Catherine Petrany, Pedagogy, Prayer and Praise: The Wisdom of the Psalms and Psalter
Reviewed by by Marco Pavan

2016.12.25. Olyan, Ritual Violence in the Hebrew Bible

Saul M. Olyan, Ritual Violence in the Hebrew Bible: New Perspectives
Reviewed by by Jeremiah W. Cataldo

2016.12.24. Myles and Blyth, Sexuality, Ideology and the Bible

Robert J. Myles and Caroline Blyth, eds., Sexuality, Ideology and the Bible: Antipodean Engagements
Reviewed by by Rhiannon Graybill

2016.12.23. McDowell, The ‘Image of God’ in the Garden of Eden

Catherine L. McDowell, The ‘Image of God’ in the Garden of Eden: The Creation of Humankind in Genesis 2:5–3:24 in Light of the mis pi pit pi and wpt-r Rituals of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
Reviewed by by Andreas Schuele

2016.12.22. Kreuzer, The Bible in Greek

Siegfried Kreuzer, The Bible in Greek: Translation, Transmission, and Theology of the Septuagint
Reviewed by by W. Edward Glenny

2016.12.21. Holt and Sharp, Jeremiah Invented

Else K. Holt and Carolyn J. Sharp, eds., Jeremiah Invented: Constructions and Deconstructions of Jeremiah
Reviewed by by Marvin A. Sweeney

2016.12.20. Heil, 1–3 John

John Paul Heil, 1–3 John: Worship by Loving God and One Another to Live Eternally
Reviewed by by Chris S. Stevens

2016.12.19. Fiensy and Jam Strange, Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods

David A. Fiensy and James Riley Strange, eds., Galilee in the Late Second Temple and Mishnaic Periods, Volume 1: Life, Culture, and Society
Reviewed by by Ralph K. Hawkins

2016.12.18. Choi, Postcolonial Discipleship of Embodiment

Jin Young Choi, Postcolonial Discipleship of Embodiment: An Asian and Asian American Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Mark
Reviewed by by Chang Seon An
Reviewed by by Angela N. Parker

2016.12.17. Barclay, Paul and the Gift

John M. G. Barclay, Paul and the Gift
Reviewed by by Matthew V. Novenson

2016.12.16. Allen, Paul, and Woodman, The Book of Revelation

Garrick V. Allen, Ian Paul, and Simon P. Woodman, eds., The Book of Revelation: Currents in British Research on the Apocalypse
Reviewed by by Hanna Stenström

2016.12.15. Yli-Karjanmaa, Reincarnation in Philo of Alexandria

Sami Yli-Karjanmaa, Reincarnation in Philo of Alexandria
Reviewed by Justin M. Rogers

2016.12.14. Werman, From Author to Copyist

Cana Werman, ed., From Author to Copyist: Essays on the Composition, Redaction, and Transmission of the Hebrew Bible in Honor of Zipi Talshir
Reviewed by Pieter de Vries

2016.12.13. Upson-Saia, Daniel-Hughes, and Batten, Dressing Judeans and Christians in Antiquity

Kristi Upson-Saia, Carly Daniel-Hughes, and Alicia J. Batten, eds., Dressing Judeans and Christians in Antiquity
Reviewed by Janelle Peters

2016.12.12. Scott, BACCHIUS IUDAEUS

James M. Scott, BACCHIUS IUDAEUS: A Denarius Commemorating Pompey’s Victory over Judea
Reviewed by G. Anthony Keddie

2016.12.11. Scheid, The Gods, the State, and the Individual

John Scheid, The Gods, the State, and the Individual: Reflections on Civic Religion in Rome
Reviewed by Jeffrey Brodd

2016.12.10. Provan, Long, and Longman, A Biblical History of Israel

Iain Provan, V. Philips Long, and Tremper Longman III, A Biblical History of Israel
Reviewed by Aren Maeir

2016.12.09. Lundhaug and Jenott, The Monastic Origins of the Nag Hammadi Codices

Hugo Lundhaug and Lance Jenott, The Monastic Origins of the Nag Hammadi Codices
Reviewed by Timothy Pettipiece

2016.12.08. Hakola, Reconsidering Johannine Christianity

Raimo Hakola, Reconsidering Johannine Christianity: A Social Identity Approach
Reviewed by Cornelis Bennema

2016.12.07. Goldstein, Impurity and Gender in the Hebrew Bible

Elizabeth W. Goldstein, Impurity and Gender in the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Thomas Kazen

2016.12.06. Geller and Vacin, Healing Magic and Evil Demons

Markham J. Geller and Ludek Vacin, Healing Magic and Evil Demons: Canonical Udug-hul Incantations
Reviewed by Michael S. Moore

2016.12.05. Dyma, Gulde-Karmann, and Kühn, ‘Der Herr des Himmels möge lang machen seine Tage und seine Jahre’

Oliver Dyma, Stefanie-Ulrike Gulde-Karmann, and Dagmar Kühn, eds., ‘Der Herr des Himmels möge lang machen seine Tage und seine Jahre’: Religionsgeschichtliche Beiträge; Festschrift für Herbert Niehr zum 60. Geburtstag
Reviewed by Markus Witte

2016.12.04. Dennert, John the Baptist and the Jewish Setting of Matthew

Brian C. Dennert, John the Baptist and the Jewish Setting of Matthew
Reviewed by Brian LePort

2016.12.03. Davis, Haggai and Malachi

Stacy Davis, Haggai and Malachi
Reviewed by Hanna Tervanotko

2016.12.02. Blumell and Wayment, Christian Oxyrhynchus

Lincoln Blumell and Thomas Wayment, eds., Christian Oxyrhynchus: Texts, Documents, and Sources
Reviewed by Geoffrey S. Smith

2016.12.01. Beavis and Kim-Cragg, Hebrews

Mary Ann Beavis and HyeRan Kim-Cragg, Hebrews
Reviewed by Bryan J. Whitfield