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Richard A. Wright, A Reader in Biblical Greek
Amy Whisenand Krall

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Gail P. Streete, Violated and Transcended Bodies: Gender, Martyrdom, and Asceticism in Early Christianity
Anders Klostergaard Petersen

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Taimaya Ragui, Confessing Community: An Entryway to Theological Interpretation in North East India
Philip P. Sam

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James T. Hughes, Ecclesial Solidarity in the Pauline Corpus: Relationships Between Churches in Paul’s Letters
Jin Ki Hwang

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Wendy Elgersma Helleman and Musa A. B. Gaiya, Early Christianity: A Textbook for African Students
J. Ayodeji Adewuya

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Philippe Guillaume, The Economy of Deuteronomy’s Core
Bill T. Arnold

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Michael J. Gorman, Romans: A Theological and Pastoral Commentary
Mark Reasoner

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John Day, From Creation to Abraham: Further Studies in Genesis 1–11
Robert Gnuse

2023.09.39. Celia, Preaching the Gospel to the Hellenes

Francesco Celia, Preaching the Gospel to the Hellenes: The Life and Works of Gregory the Wonderworker
Bradley K. Storin

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Christopher B. Zeichmann, Queer Readings of the Centurion at Capernaum: Their History and Politics
Jimmy Hoke

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Chris L. de Wet, Maijastina Kahlos, and Ville Vuolanto, eds., Slavery in the Late Antique World, 150–700 CE
Jonathan J. Hatter

2023.09.36. Tooman, with Kelsey, (Re)reading Ruth

William A. Tooman, with Marian Kelsey, (Re)reading Ruth
Jennifer L. Koosed

2023.09.35. Myers, Probability of Intertextual Borrowing

Elizabeth A. Myers, Probability of Intertextual Borrowing: A Methodology for Determining the Likelihood of Literary Dependence and the Direction of Borrowing between New Testament Books
Jeffrey M. Tripp

2023.09.34. McDonald, Before There Was a Bible

Lee Martin McDonald, Before There Was a Bible: Authorities in Early Christianity
John-Christian Eurell

2023.09.33. Van Loon, Metaphors in the Discussion on Suffering in Job 3–31

Hanneke van Loon, Metaphors in the Discussion on Suffering in Job 3–31: Visions of Hope and Consolation
Edward L. Greenstein

2023.09.32. Kelley, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Text and Archaeology

Justin L. Kelley, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Text and Archaeology: A Survey and Analysis of Past Excavations and Recent Archaeological Research with a Collection of Principal Historical Sources
Joshua Schwartz

2023.09.31. Goldingay, Miracle in Isaiah

John Goldingay, Miracle in Isaiah: Divine Marvel and Prophetic World
John N. Oswalt

2023.09.30. Eve, Relating the Gospels

Eric Eve, Relating the Gospels: Memory, Imitation and the Farrer Hypothesis
Olegs Andrejevs

2023.09.29. Dannenmann, Emotion, Narration und Ethik

Tanja Dannenmann, Emotion, Narration und Ethik: Zur ethischen Relevanz antizipatorischer Emotionen in Parabeln des Matthäus-Evangeliums
Nils Neumann

2023.09.28. Wojtkowiak, Tradition und Redaktion im Matthäusevangelium

Heiko Wojtkowiak, Tradition und Redaktion im Matthäusevangelium: Formale und inhaltliche Charakteristika matthäischer Redaktionspraxis
Olegs Andrejevs

2023.09.27. Wischmeyer, Love as Agape

Oda Wischmeyer, Love as Agape: The Early Christian Concept and Modern Discourse
Cory M. Marsh

2023.09.26. Wilder, Appropriating Ancient Authorities

Christian A. Wilder, Appropriating Ancient Authorities: Toward Understanding How Second Temple Authors Established Authority in Apocalyptic Literature
Dereck Daschke

2023.09.25. Wan, The Contest for Time and Space in the Roman Imperial Cults and 1 Peter

Wei Hsien Wan, The Contest for Time and Space in the Roman Imperial Cults and 1 Peter: Reconfiguring the Universe
Kelly D. Liebengood

2023.09.24. Lamp, Hebrews: An Earth Bible Commentary

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Hebrews: An Earth Bible Commentary; A City That Cannot Be Shaken
Judson D. Greene

2023.09.23. Holmes, Hearing and Doing

Christopher R. J. Holmes, Hearing and Doing: The Speeches in Acts and the Essence of Christianity
John-Christian Eurell

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John H. Hayes and Carl R. Holladay, Biblical Exegesis: A Beginner’s Handbook
Kyle R. Greenwood

2023.09.21. Elbom, Textual Rivalries

Gilad Elbom, Textual Rivalries: Jesus, Midrash, and Kabbalah
Daniel Maoz

2023.09.20. Brobst-Renaud, Lukan Parables of Reckless Liberality

Amanda Brobst-Renaud, Lukan Parables of Reckless Liberality
Mona Tokarek LaFosse

2023.09.19. Adam, Hate and Enmity in Biblical Law

Klaus-Peter Adam, Hate and Enmity in Biblical Law
Yael Landman

2023.09.18. Yoon, A Discourse Analysis of Galatians and the New Perspective on Paul

David I. Yoon, A Discourse Analysis of Galatians and the New Perspective on Paul
Ross D. Harmon

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Marcus Mordecai Schwartz, Rewriting the Talmud: The Fourth Century Origins of Bavil [sic] Rosh Hoshanah
Joshua Schwartz

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Jens Schröter, Benjamin A. Edsall, and Joseph Verheyden, eds., Jews and Christians: Parting Ways in the First Two Centuries CE? Reflections on the Gains and Losses of a Model
Terence L. Donaldson

2023.09.15. Rogozhina, “And from His Side Came Blood and Milk”

Anna  Rogozhina, “And from His Side Came Blood and Milk”: The Martyrdom of St Philotheus of Antioch in Coptic Egypt and Beyond
T. C. Schmidt

2023.09.14. Johnson, Biblical Philosophy

Dru Johnson, Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments
Jaco Gericke

2023.09.13. Gupta, The Writer

Nijay K. Gupta, The Writer: A Guide to Research, Writing, and Publishing in Biblical Studies
Sandie Gravett

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Stephanie Dalley, The City of Babylon: A History, c. 2000 BC–AD 116
Rannfrid I. Lasine Thelle

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Evangelia G. Dafni, ed., Divine Kingdom and Kingdoms of Men / Gottesreich und Reiche der Menschen: Studies on the Theology of the Septuagint Volume II / Studien zur Theologie der Septuaginta Band II
Leonardo Pessoa da Silva Pinto

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Thomas E. Boomershine, First-Century Gospel Storytellers and Audiences: The Gospels as Performance Literature
Lee A. Johnson

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Richard S. Ascough, ed., Christ Groups and Associations: Foundational Essays
Timothy A. Brookins

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Dempsey Rosales Acosta, Introducción a los evangelicos canónicos: Un compendio para la formación bíblica de adultos
Sergio Zapata Grajales

2023.09.07. Noonan, Non-Semitic Loanwords in the Hebrew Bible

Benjamin J. Noonan, Non-Semitic Loanwords in the Hebrew Bible: A Lexicon of Language Contact
Jonathan Thambyrajah

2023.09.06. Magdalene, Wunsch, and Wells, Fault, Responsibility, and Administrative Law in Late Babylonian Legal Texts

F. Rachel Magdalene, Cornelia Wunsch, and Bruce Wells, Fault, Responsibility, and Administrative Law in Late Babylonian Legal Texts
Hans Neumann

2023.09.05. Loader, Proverbs Volume II: Proverbs 10–15

James Alfred Loader, Proverbs Volume II: Proverbs 10–15
Thomas Krüger

2023.09.04. Liew and Matthews, Race and Biblical Studies

Tat-siong Benny Liew and Shelly Matthews, eds., Race and Biblical Studies: Antiracism Pedagogy for the Classroom
Ki-Eun Jang

2023.09.03. Jung, A Tale of Two Churches

UnChan Jung, A Tale of Two Churches: Distinctive Social and Economic Dynamics at Thessalonica and Corinth
Elizabeth R. Davis

2023.09.02. Jipp, The Messianic Theology of the New Testament

Joshua W. Jipp, The Messianic Theology of the New Testament
Mark A. Matson

2023.09.01. Allen and Bronwen, Greek and Latin Letters in Late Antiquity

Pauline Allen and Neil Bronwen, Greek and Latin Letters in Late Antiquity: The Christianisation of a Literary Form
Mark Vessey