2009.06.13. Pietersma and Wright, New English Translation of the Septuagint

Albert Pietersma and Benjamin G. Wright III, eds., A New English Translation of the Septuagint and the Other Greek Translations Traditionally Included Ο…nder That Title
Reviewed by Wolfgang Kraus

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  1. Anonymous08 June, 2009

    Contrary to Prof. Kraus, the main title of NETS does not refer to the Greek Pentateuch, while the subtitle refers to the rest of the LXX, thus failing to accommodate books like 2 & 3 Macc. Rather, the term "Septuagint" includes all books commonly thought to be Septuagintal, while the subtitle applies to non-Septuagintal texts in the Goettingen edition, e.g. the alpha text of Esther, the Theodotionic texts of Daniel+, the Barberini text of Hab. 3 etc.
    Albert Pietersma


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