2015.07.44. Cole, Psalms 1–2

Robert L. Cole, Psalms 1–2: Gateway to the Psalter
Reviewed by W. Dennis Tucker Jr.


  1. The review by Tucker like the previous review by Briggs is wholly negative. Also as in the case of Briggs, the review as posted contains various misspellings of the Hebrew text. More importantly, like Briggs, Tucker has failed to sustain a single valid criticism of the work, some of which I will address briefly.

    Tucker fails in his critique of the inclusion of chapter three by overlooking the fact that I explain its role at the conclusion of chapter two. One of my stated purposes was to explain the introductory role of Psalms 1-2 vis-à-vis the entire Psalter and chapter three fulfills that function. His disparagement of my style is undermined by his own concluding sentence being incongruous with the foregoing content and by otiose statements such as "it is likely poetic."

    Evidence overlooked by Tucker such as the deliberate and unique clustering of the second person singular masculine pronoun in the successive Psalms 2-6 (then absent in Pss 7, 8, 9), undermine his rejection of their deliberate nature. Furthermore, Book I contains the most instances of said pronoun throughout the Psalter.

    The first three verbs of Ps 3:6 are only found again in combination in Job 14:12 which is an explicit reference to resurrection. Each of the verbs including the one mentioned by Tucker is found variously in references to resurrection. For instance "sleep" in Ps 13:4 indubitably represents death.

    Parallels at multiple linguistic levels between Pss 1:1d and 2:4 support the identification of one with the other. Numerous scholars in various languages have previously linked the two in one way or another. Likewise linguistic evidence at multiple levels supports the coherence I noted between Ps 2:2b-4.

    Surprisingly, a response to my admittedly more tentative discussion of Michel on verbal function was not forthcoming from either reviewer.

  2. Robert, your work is an inspiration for me. Thanks. You will find the substance of my comment here. This includes an image of the recurrence patterns in Psalms 3 and Job 14.


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