2014.02.16. deSilva, Global Readings

David A. deSilva, Global Readings: A Sri Lankan Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
Reviewed by David S. Harvey

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  1. Dr. Harvey has provided a very kind review. I simply wish to acknowledge in response that his criticisms of the book strike me as just. This book was in two ways purely an experiment. On the one hand, I used it as an opportunity to try to get my footing in regard to Galatians as I began the path toward writing the next installment on this book for the NICNT series. I will confess that, had I known then what I know now, I would have asked for 1 Peter or something. :) Secondly, I used it as an opportunity to really try to listen to what people in a very different cultural location were hearing and found relevant as we engaged together in the exegesis of Galatians. As I admitted in the preface, the "Reading Galatians [insert chapter number] with Sri Lankan Christians" was going to be just that, with some additional reflections of my own. Subjective and loose in comparison with the exegetical sections? Yes, I must admit so. My ardent hope is that the work that went into this, into the handbook on Galatians for the BHGNT series, and into the past two years of study will all result in a commentary that will still deserve the kind words of Dr. Harvey while avoiding the just criticisms.


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