2012.12.27. Stocks, The Form and Function of the Tricolon in the Psalms of Ascents

Simon P. Stocks, The Form and Function of the Tricolon in the Psalms of Ascents: Introducing a New Paradigm for Hebrew Poetic Line-Form
Reviewed by Gert T. M. Prinsloo

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  1. Simon P. Stocks06 February, 2013

    I am very grateful for Prof. Prinsloo's detailed review of the book.

    In response to the evaluation on the final page ("This is done with total disregard of the Masoretic system ..."), I offer the following comments:
    • The method does not totally disregard Masoretic accentuation. The principles governing interaction with the accentuation are discussed (pp.16-17) and the specific criteria adopted in the study are stated (pp.66-67) and further refined (pp.91-92).
    • Using the criteria adopted for the study, it is not the case that all the verses listed can be classified as tricola.
    • The disjunctive function of the ’atnāḥ is nowhere ignored, but is considered in combination with other factors. In the cases cited in the review, the issues are noted in the study and the colometric decision has no bearing upon the identification of tricola.


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