RBL Newsletter, 23 April 2008

The following new reviews have been added to the Review of Biblical Literature.

Herbert W. Bateman IV, ed., Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews
Reviewed by Felix H. Cortez

Dianne Bergant, Israel’s Story: Part Two
Reviewed by A. Joseph Everson

Martin Brändl, Der Agon bei Paulus: Herkunft und Profil paulinischer Agonmetaphoik
Reviewed by Christoph Stenschke

Keith Augustus Burton, The Blessing of Africa: The Bible and African Christianity
Reviewed by J. N. K Mugambi

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, The One Who Is to Come
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Staley

Kathy L. Gaca and L. L. Welborn, eds., Early Patristic Readings of Romans
Reviewed by David A. Creech

Ilze Kezbere, Umstrittener Monotheismus: Wahre und falsche Apotheose im lukanischen Doppelwerk
Reviewed by Knut Backhaus

David Milson, Art and Architecture of the Synagogue in Late Antique Palestine: In the Shadow of the Church
Reviewed by Jonathan L. Reed

George T. Montague, Understanding the Bible: A Basic Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by Gosnell Yorke

Hillary Rodrigues and Thomas A. Robinson, World Religions: A Guide to the Essentials
Reviewed by Joseph Matos

Marion Ann Taylor and Heather E. Weir, eds., Let Her Speak for Herself: Nineteenth-Century Women Writing on Women in Genesis
Reviewed by Frances Klopper

Valerie M. Warrior, Roman Religion
Reviewed by Edmund P. Cueva

Claus Wilcke, Early Ancient Near Eastern Law: A History of Its Beginnings: The Early Dynastic and Sargonic Periods
Reviewed by Michael S. Moore