2014.01.18. Lemcio, Navigating Revelation

Eugene E. Lemcio, Navigating Revelation: Charts for the Voyage
Reviewed by Alexander E. Stewart

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  1. Eugene Lemcio04 March, 2014

    I realize that an author’s reply to a mixed review is bound to be (regarded as) defensive. But let me try to be as objective as possible.

    At one level, I am grateful that so much of what I tried to do was set forth without comment. Likewise, I appreciate Professor Stewart’s remarks about the book’s merits. Furthermore, I am pleased that he recognized how rare pedagogical aids are (as opposed to research aids) for university-level (esp. graduate-level) instruction and learning. That RBL chose to review such an item is itself very gratifying. Most of us who began teaching immediately after earning an advanced degree had to learn our craft “by the seat of our pants,” as it were.

    My first quarrel with the Reviewer is that he faulted me for not creating a stand-alone aid. If this is an absolute criterion, then one would have to conclude that there are precious few of such resources available—other than commentaries. It is, after all, an aid. Perhaps the problem arises from my attempt to produce a hybrid genre—one that caters both to the visual as well as the verbal, to both of the brain’s hemispheres. That I allotted a significant amount of space to chapter 12 lies in its special capacity to be portrayed thus and to its pivotal role in Revelation.

    As to its being less than user-friendly: I had made the related point that the teacher is crucial for enabling such a tool (and others) to be useful in a classroom situation. For another evaluation of this aspect of my endeavor, I refer to the review on the Amazon site by a recently-retired professor of English literature: http://www.amazon.com/review/R29E1JANT1LZFU/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R29E1JANT1LZFU.

    Finally, may I call attention to my similar publications for St. Mark (2012) and St. John (2013), also by Wipf and Stock. Another on Luke is in preparation—perhaps for 2014?

    Best regards,
    Eugene E. Lemcio


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