2020.01.15. White, Teacher of the Nations

Devin L. White, Teacher of the Nations
Reviewed by Timothy A. Brookins

2020.01.14. Undheim, Borderline Virginities

Sissel Undheim, Borderline Virginities: Sacred and Secular Virgins in Late Antiquity
Reviewed by Michael Rosenberg

2020.01.13. Silverman and Waerzeggers, Political Memory in and after the Persian Empire

Jason M. Silverman and Caroline Waerzeggers, eds., Political Memory in and after the Persian Empire
Reviewed by Yigal Levin

2020.01.12. Robinson, Metaphor, Morality, and the Spirit in Romans 8:1–17

William E. W. Robinson, Metaphor, Morality, and the Spirit in Romans 8:1–17
Reviewed by Jesse D. Stone

2020.01.11. Parsons and Martin, Ancient Rhetoric and the New Testament

Mikael C. Parsons and Michael Wade Martin, Ancient Rhetoric and the New Testament: The Influence of Elementary Greek Composition
Reviewed by L. Gregory Bloomquist and Michael Klaassen

2020.01.10. Morales, Poor and Rich in James

Nelson R. Morales, Poor and Rich in James: A Relevance Theory Approach to James’s Use of the Old Testament
Reviewed by James D. Dvorak

2020.01.09. Levin, Das Alte Testament

Christoph Levin, Das Alte Testament
Reviewed by Hannes Bezzel

2020.01.08. Koorevaar and Paul, The Earth and the Land

Hendrik J. Koorevaar and Mart-Jan Paul, eds., The Earth and the Land: Studies about the Value of the Land of Israel in the Old Testament and Afterwards
Reviewed by Jacob R. Evers

2020.01.07. Köhler, Jeremia – Fürbitter oder Kläger?

Sarah Köhler, Jeremia – Fürbitter oder Kläger? Eine religionsgeschichtliche Studie zur Fürbitte und Klage im Jeremiabuch
Reviewed by Hermann-Josef Stipp

2020.01.06. Kim, Reanimating Qohelet’s Contradictory Voices

Jimyung Kim, Reanimating Qohelet’s Contradictory Voices: Studies of Open-Ended Discourse on Wisdom in Ecclesiastes
Reviewed by Douglas B. Miller

2020.01.05. Ikram, Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt

Salima Ikram, Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt
Reviewed by Christoffer Theis

2020.01.04. Falcetta, The Daily Discoveries of a Bible Scholar and Manuscript Hunter

Alessandro Falcetta, The Daily Discoveries of a Bible Scholar and Manuscript Hunter: A Biography of James Rendel Harris (1852–1941)
Reviewed by Davina C. Lopez

2020.01.03. Elayi, Sennacherib, King of Assyria

Josette Elayi, Sennacherib, King of Assyria
Reviewed by Jonathan Valk

2020.01.02. Castelo, Koenig, and Nienhuis, The Usefulness of Scripture

Daniel Castelo, Sara M. Koenig, and David R. Nienhuis, eds., The Usefulness of Scripture: Essays in Honor of Robert W. Wall
Reviewed by Richard S. Briggs

2020.01.01. Butticaz and Norelli, Memory and Memories in Early Christianity

Simon Butticaz and Enrico Norelli, eds., Memory and Memories in Early Christianity: Proceedings of the International Conference Held at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (June 2–3, 2016)
Reviewed by Ben Sutton