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Samson Uytanlet, Luke-Acts and Jewish Historiography: A Study on the Theology, Literature, and Ideology of Luke-Acts
Reviewed by Andrew W. Pitts

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Rivka Ulmer and Moshe Ulmer, Righteous Giving to the Poor: Tzedakah (“Charity”) in Classic Rabbinic Judaism
Reviewed by Zev Garber

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Ched Spellman, Toward a Canon-Conscious Reading of the Bible: Exploring the History and Hermeneutics of the Canon
Reviewed by John Barton

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Benjamin Sargent, David Being a Prophet: The Contingency of Scripture upon History in the New Testament
Reviewed by Kenneth D. Litwak

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Robert M. Royalty Jr., The Origin of Heresy: A History of Discourse in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity
Reviewed by Joseph Azize

2015.07.38. Provan, Seriously Dangerous Religion

Iain Provan, Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters
Reviewed by Richard S. Briggs

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Douglas E. Oakman, Jesus, Debt, and the Lord’s Prayer: First-Century Debt and Jesus’ Intentions
Reviewed by David A. Fiensy

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Maciej M. Münnich, The God Resheph in the Ancient Near East
Reviewed by Michael S. Moore

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Karl McDaniel, Experiencing Irony in the First Gospel: Suspense, Surprise and Curiosity
Reviewed by Glenna Jackson

2015.07.34. Keener, A Canonical Exegesis of Psalm 8

Hubert James Keener, A Canonical Exegesis of Psalm 8: YHWH’s Maintenance of the Created Order through Divine Reversal
Reviewed by Philippus J. Botha

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Martin Heide, Das Testament Abrahams: Edition und Übersetzung der arabischen und äthiopischen Versionen
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Lisbeth S. Fried, Ezra and the Law in History and Tradition
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Greg W. Forbes, 1 Peter: Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament
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Raffaella Cribiore, Libanius the Sophist: Rhetoric, Reality, and Religion in the Fourth Century
Reviewed by Thomas Olbricht

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Richard J. Bautch and Jean-François Racine, eds., Beauty and the Bible: Toward a Hermeneutics of Biblical Aesthetics
Reviewed by Richard Viladescu

2015.07.24. Barnes, Reading 1 Corinthians with Philosophically Educated Women

Nathan J. Barnes, Reading 1 Corinthians with Philosophically Educated Women
Reviewed by Timothy A. Brookins

2015.07.23. Whitelam, Holy Land as Homeland?

Keith W. Whitelam, ed., Holy Land as Homeland? Models for Constructing the Historic Landscapes of Jesus
Reviewed by Emanuel Pfoh

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Angela Thomas, Anatomical Idiom and Emotional Expression: A Comparison of the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint
Reviewed by Benjamin M. Austin

2015.07.21. Sekine, Philosophical Interpretations of the Old Testament

Seizo Sekine, Philosophical Interpretations of the Old Testament
Reviewed by Walter Moberly

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Clare K. Rothschild and Jens Schröter, eds., The Rise and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries of the Common Era
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Eyal Regev, The Hasmoneans: Ideology, Archaeology, Identity
Reviewed by James S. Lee

2015.07.18. Nicholson, Deuteronomy and the Judaean Diaspora

Ernest Nicholson, Deuteronomy and the Judaean Diaspora
Reviewed by Jeremy M. Hutton

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Matteo Munari, Il compimento della Torah: Gesù e la Scrittura in Mt 5, 17–48
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Steve Mason and Tom Robinson, eds., Early Christian Reader
Reviewed by H. H. Drake Williams III
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Matthew Lynch, Monotheism and Institutions in the Book of Chronicles: Temple, Priesthood, and Kingship in Post-exilic Perspective
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Jason T. Lamoreaux, Ritual, Women, and Philippi: Reimagining the Early Philippian Community
Reviewed by Angela Standhartinger

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Brad E. Kelle, Frank Ritchel Ames, and Jacob L. Wright, eds., Warfare, Ritual, and Symbol in Biblical and Modern Contexts
Reviewed by Kyle H. Keimer
Reviewed by William L. Lyons

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Wolfgang Grunstaudl, Petrus Alexandrinus: Studien zum historischen und theologischen Ort des Zweiten Petrusbriefes
Reviewed by Rob van Houwelingen

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Rainer Albertz, Exodus 1–18
Reviewed by William Johnstone

2015.07.10. Whitlark, Resisting Empire

Jason A. Whitlark, Resisting Empire: Rethinking the Purpose of the Letter to “the Hebrews”
Reviewed by Arie W. Zwiep

2015.07.09. Vermes, The True Herod

Geza Vermes, The True Herod
Reviewed by John Painter

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Graham H. Twelftree, Paul and the Miraculous: A Historical Reconstruction
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Jerry L. Sumney, The Bible: An Introduction
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2015.07.06. Peeler, You Are My Son

Amy L. B. Peeler, You Are My Son: The Family of God in the Epistle to the Hebrews
Reviewed by Scott D. Mackie

2015.07.05. MacGinnis, The Arrows of the Sun

John MacGinnis, The Arrows of the Sun: Armed Forces in Sippar in the First Millennium BC
Reviewed by Russell Mack

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Bernd Janowski, Arguing with God: A Theological Anthropology of the Psalms
Reviewed by Walter Moberly

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Judy Fentress-Williams, Ruth
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Bob Becking, ed., Reflections on the Silence of God: A Discussion with Marjo Korpel and Johannes de Moor
Reviewed by Ulrich Berges

2015.06.93. Wright, David, King of Israel, and Caleb in Biblical Memory

Jacob L. Wright, David, King of Israel, and Caleb in Biblical Memory
Reviewed by A. Graeme Auld
Reviewed by Bob Becking

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Alexa F. Wilke, Die Gebete der Propheten: Anrufungen Gottes im ‘corpus propheticum’ der Hebräischen Bibel
Reviewed by Gert Kwakkel

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Robert F. Stoops, The Acts of Peter
Reviewed by Jason Sturdevant

2015.06.90. Paris, Narrative Obtrusion in the Hebrew Bible

Christopher T. Paris, Narrative Obtrusion in the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Karolien Vermeulen
Reviewed by Benjamin J.M. Johnson

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Mark Harris, The Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science
Reviewed by Graham B. Walker Jr.

2015.06.85. Hansen, Silence and Praise

Ryan Leif Hansen, Silence and Praise: Rhetorical Cosmology and Political Theology in the Book of Revelation
Reviewed by Shane J. Wood

2015.06.84. Goodwin, Translating the English Bible

Philip Goodwin, Translating the English Bible: From Relevance to Deconstruction
Reviewed by Clement Tong

2015.06.83. Glanz, Understanding Participant-Reference Shifts in the Book of Jeremiah

Oliver Glanz, Understanding Participant-Reference Shifts in the Book of Jeremiah: A Study of Exegetical Method and Its Consequences for the Interpretation of Referential Incoherence
Reviewed by Kelly A. Whitcomb

2015.06.82. Gibson, Peter between Jerusalem and Antioch

Jack J. Gibson, Peter between Jerusalem and Antioch: Peter, James and the Gentiles
Reviewed by Timothy P. Henderson

2015.06.81. Farber, Lamaštu

Walter Farber, Lamaštu: An Edition of the Canonical Series of Lamaštu Incantations and Rituals and Related Texts from the Second and First Millennia B.C.
Reviewed by Michael S. Moore

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Michael Coogan, The Ten Commandments: A Short History of an Ancient Text
Reviewed by Ralph K. Hawkins
Reviewed by Zev Garber

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L. Juliana Claassens and Klaas Spronk, eds., Fragile Dignity: Intercontextual Conversations on Scriptures, Family, and Violence
Reviewed by Marta Høyland Lavik

2015.06.78. Casey, Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths?

Maurice Casey, Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths?
Reviewed by James F. McGrath

2015.06.77. Bateman, Interpreting the General Letters

Herbert W. Bateman IV, Interpreting the General Letters: An Exegetical Handbook
Reviewed by Brian C. Small

2015.06.76. Wikander, Drought, Death, and the Sun in Ugarit and Ancient Israel

Ola Wikander, Drought, Death, and the Sun in Ugarit and Ancient Israel: A Philological and Comparative Study
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Matt Waters, Ancient Persia: A Concise History of the Achaemenid Empire, 550–330 BCE
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David R. Wallace, Election of the Lesser Son: Paul’s Lament-Midrash in Romans 9–11
Reviewed by A. Chadwick Thornhill

2015.06.73. Tuval, From Jerusalem Priest to Roman Jew

Michael Tuval, From Jerusalem Priest to Roman Jew: On Josephus and the Paradigms of Ancient Judaism
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Rafael Rodríguez, Oral Tradition and the New Testament: A Guide for the Perplexed
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Birger Olsson, A Commentary on the Letters of John: An Intra-Jewish Approach
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Jared L. Miller, Royal Hittite Instructions and Related Administrative Texts
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2015.06.67. Kyrychenko, The Roman Army and the Expansion of the Gospel

Alexander Kyrychenko, The Roman Army and the Expansion of the Gospel: The Role of the Centurion in Luke-Acts
Reviewed by James M. Morgan

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Pieter W. van der Horst, Studies in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity
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2015.06.62. Duvall and Hays, Living God’s Word

J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays, Living God’s Word: Discovering Our Place in the Great Story of Scripture
Reviewed by James W. Thompson