2009.11.44. Sizer, Zion’s Christian Soldiers?

Stephen Sizer, Zion’s Christian Soldiers? The Bible, Israel and the Church
Reviewed by Faydra Shapiro

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  1. Faydra Shapiro's review of this book is more of a dismissal than a level critique. The reviewer merely asserts that Sizer's claims are hyperbolic, yet offers no reason for doing so. Perhaps this is due to Shapiro living in Canada, where Evangelical Zionism isn't as prevalent as it is in American Evangelicalism (certainly as it was during the Bush administration, where men like John Hagee had the ear of the President).

    Equally unhelpful was Shapiro's dismissal of Sizer's acceptance of New Testament theology, which is Christocentric from beginning to end. The Shapiro could've at least attempted to engage seriously with this foundational approach that Sizer (along with others such as Stott, Wright, Witherington and many other scholars) embrace. Instead, we are presented with an anti-Sizer polemic.

    Of all the reviews I've read in RBL, this one was probably the least helpful to anyone considering whether or not to read the book being reviewed.

    James-Michael Smith


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